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Our new engineering solution:
innovative lifting floor to unload dry bulk cargo from truck.
For more details, check out our video!

We are excited to share the news that our company has successfully performed a trial loading and unloading of maize.
For more details, check out our video!

High efficiency of our technology allows to unload even wet sand.
The video below demonstrates the loading and unloading of wet sand, showcasing the versatility and efficiency of our solution.



ICT innovative container combines the benefits of container and hopper:

Bulk or packaged cargo (backload opportunities)


Safer for cargo (no intermediate reloading, no cargo loss, granules of cargo are not broken)


Possibility of transportation by the railway with different rail gauges


NO need to use big-bags for transportation of bulk cargo


NO need to remove/lift the container from railway platform/truck while loading/ unloading


Possibility to unload bulk cargo at covered bunkers where railway hoppers are unloaded; no need special equipment.


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